Full Version: Ivory Tower Compassion: Merkel Urges "Understanding" For East Germans
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Ivory Tower Compassion: Merkel Urges "Understanding" For East Germans

<p><a href=""><em>Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk,</em></a></p>

<p><strong>That pitiful look on Merkel's face is not a plea to understand East Germans. It's a plea for them to understand her.</strong></p>

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<p>Ahead of German Unity Day, Angela Merkel, says the issue of migration has split the country. She calls for <a href="">Greater Compassion and Understanding for the Concerns of East Germans</a>.</p>

<p>German Chancellor Angela Merkel told the Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper on Saturday that although German reunification was largely "a success story," many communities in the country's former communist east harbored resentment.</p>

<p><strong>"Much of what happened in the early 90s is once again facing people (today)," </strong>Merkel said, referring to the period of upheaval that followed the reunification of East and West Germany on October 3, 1990.</p>

<p>Merkel said there had been a "certain amount of nervousness" in Germany since the 2017 federal election, which reduced her authority and saw the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) emerge as the third-largest party. The chancellor said the challenge of migration, in particular, had opened up divisions in the country.</p>

<p>The recent violent protests that gripped the eastern city of Chemnitz following a fatal stabbing that was blamed on asylum-seekers served as an example of how damaging such divisions can be.</p>

<p>Merkel argued that was one reason to do everything one could to make the anti-migrant AfD "as small as possible."</p>

<p><strong>"For me that means addressing and solving the problems people are worried about," she said, adding however that there was a need to draw clear boundaries "where there is hatred, where there are general suspicions, where minorities are marginalized."</strong></p>

<h3><u><strong>2018 Chemnitz Riots</strong></u></h3>

<p>For starters, it was indeed asylum-seekers that killed a German man leading up to the <a href="">Chemnitz Riots</a>.</p>

<p>In the early morning of 26 August, after a festival celebrating the city's founding, a fight broke out resulting in the death of a German-Cuban man and serious injuries to two other people. <em>Two Kurdish immigrants, one Iraqi, and one Syrian were named as suspects</em>. The incident re-ignited the tensions surrounding immigration to Germany, which had been ongoing since 2015 and the European migrant crisis. In response, mass protests against immigration were ignited by far-right nationalist groups. The protests spawned riots and were followed by counter-demonstrations.</p>

<p>The protests seemed reasonable enough. Immigrants have killed, murdered and raped German citizens.</p>

<p>The German citizens are fed up, and rightfully so. That the protests got way out of hand is a separate issue.</p>

<h3><u><strong>Ivory Tower</strong></u></h3>

<p>Merkel still does not see herself as the primary catalyst for this mess. It was her asinine immigration policy that fueled these protests.</p>

<p><em><strong>Let in millions of people who cannot speak German, have no skills, and who cite religion as giving the a right to attack women, and what the hell do you think would happen?</strong></em></p>

<p>Merkel, in her ivory tower, calls for "compassion" for the East Germans. That smacks of blaming them.</p>

<p><strong>Merkel talks of "solving the problem". She should look in the mirror. She is the problem.</strong></p>

<p>It's no wonder AfD is rising in the polls.</p><img src="" height="1" width="1" alt=""/>