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[Image: 0025da99_medium.jpeg] .. J J Cale After Midnight 1971

Quote:JJ's birth time is unknown .. Neil Young called him "the best electric guitar player I ever heard, Eric Clapton can't  play like JJ he’s got that thing I don’t know what it is, JJ’s guitar playing is a huge influence on me, his touch is unspeakable I am stunned by it."

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Quote:The first chart we erect as per an unknown birth time places Mercury squarely on the Mid Heaven, Mr Cale who passed away  in California Friday, July 26, 2013, at age 74 after suffering a heart attack, was the most mercurial individual one could imagine.

For the fact the ASTRODIENST algorithm places that planet in the MC for that day, will be counted as additional testimony of the power that planet exerted over his life .. check the symmetrical placements of Jupiter and Mars  in Aquarius and Libra respectively.

Centered on either Mercury or the Sun, complimented by the Pluto in Leo placement in the natural fifth house, similarly in a symmetrical arrangement with the Moon / Jupiter conjunction in Taurus in the second house.

And by the Neptune in Virgo arrangement in the sixth house, symmetrically disposed with the Saturn in Aries situ in the first house, describing an extremely well balanced individual and providing the Mercurial attribute of bodily form.

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Quote:Cale was typically laconic in describing his own allegedly laconic   trademarks, "mellow and laid back are the two terms most applied to  my  style and I guess I go along with that, most of it is medium  slow  tempo, not really an aggressive, in your face kind of thing.

After Midnite is one of JJ's most enduring hits and most widely covered songs, as well we know the Sun in the fourth house in a natal chart does provide a more mellow and relaxed outlook, in keeping with the hour of the day, we erect a chart for when the Sun is a little past the nadir at 12 pm, which places the sign Virgo on the ascendant, where after the planet Mercury as natural ruler of that sign becomes his life ruler.

The mutable or moving signs on the angles makes an infinitely adaptable personality, mutual reception between Mars in Libra ruled by Venus, and Venus in Scorpio co ruled by Mars, makes for easy and mutually rewarding relationships with the opposite sex!

Neptune ruler of Pisces the sign on the on the cusp of the seventh house of partnerships in the first house of the self, makes an unbreakable relationship with one's life partner, as well the Virgo placement provides a strong work ethic ..

[Image: 5cc61c26a619.png]

Quote:On many of his most well  known albums, JJ Cale used a "fifty dollar Harmony" in studio, born as a Harmony H162 it had been "a bit modified" .. "my favorite guitar is this old fifty dollar Harmony, now backless for  easier access to the electronics, originally it was a round hole  acoustic.

I've added five pickups for making records and playing  concerts, four of the pickups are Gibson, two of which are low impedance  for recording direct, the other bar type pickup came from a Sears  Silvertone guitar, it was manufactured by Dano Electro, the guitar has  three high impedance outs and one low."

The Moon / Uranus conjunction in Taurus provided the impetus to design a guitar modification like that, the Mercury legacy enabled him to be able to play it in concert and in a recording studio.

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JJ on stage with Eric Clapton 2010
Kinninigan Wrote:J.J Cale - Naturally (Full Album) Vinyl ..

Good post dude I listened to both sides, favorite track was Clyde about a blues singin' dog.

[Image: be1bf0e0aa03.jpg]
J.J.Cale - Clyde - YouTube

Quote:Sittin' on the porch without no shoes
Picking his guitar and singing the blues..

[Image: e12f1c88e930.jpg]
JJ Cale Memorial at McCabe's Guitar Store in Santa Monica - No Depression Americana and Roots Music

Quote:JJ Cale Memorial at McCabe's Guitar Store in Santa Monica, Calif. with Don White, Eric Clapton, Marty Rifkin and Jim Keltner.