Full Version: Overpopulation a Deception
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There is no such thing as overpopulation of human beings on a planet.  Each human being is a learner and an inventor and  unique artist.  An inventor as fruitful as Edison and an artist, like Picasso, capable of many different "periods" of creation each unique unto himself.  The Bible tells of man being placed in the garden and given dominion over the, shall we say, the biosphere.  Voltaire tells man, "cultivate your own garden" and so we are capable of doing  -- except for the worm in the apple, the snake in the garden; except for organized crime that has gotten control of money and lending on this planet and seeks to destroy us by destroying our individuality.  Our individuality, and the culture that incubates our uniqueness  -- the diversity of our upbringings are destroyed by standardization -- by reduction to one  -- by outcomes-based education and common core -- by polticial correctness  -- by the single-color brown that our claybox of variagated colors becomes when someone kneeds all of the different colors together so that all colors vanish but one not-so-pleasant color and they call it "diversity" and deceitfully proclaim it to be good.  Most of all does organized crime destroy what man can be through the economy  -- through control of the money supply so that only the lending outlets and the few wealthy individuals who support the conspiracy take all of mankinds productive assets by default of deliberately bankrupted mankind  -- and so given the victim's equality in helplessness and hopeless  and alcohol, drugs, pornography, mind-wrecking and mind-imprisoning schooling, and prison-imprisoning prisons and soul wrecking Judeo-pornographic mass-media  -- with all of us monitored for rebellious thinking via the internet, Facebook, blogs, chats, messaging, texting -- all spied upon, robotically analyzed to find those requiring special isolation, containment and other attention.

Man is the answer to every problem on this planet -- and all of the evils come from a system -- the Bank-of-England/East-India-Company/Rothschild system -- which during the latter part of the 18th century and ever since has been at war with mankind, with mankinds liberalism (thinking of America, by liberalism I'm talking about Paine and Jefferson, not Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson and the Clintons  -- and Hung Hsiu-ch'uan and Hitler and Gandhi and Tolstoy and many others that I do not know about, but I do know about them, because potentially we are all such people if given the opportunity to connect with each other in a liberal -- we can also say, populist -- society. Dick EastmanYakima, Washington