Full Version: Fourteen American False Flag / Hoax Shootings
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Esteban Santiago.. Omar Mateen.. Micah Xavier Johnson.. Syed Farook.. Robert Lewis Dear.. Vester Flanagan.. Dylann Roof.. Major Nidal Malik Hasan.. Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.. Adam Lanza.. James Holmes.. George Zimmerman.. Cho Seung Hui.. Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold.. Jews not mad Arabs perped 9/11.

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Quote:Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository when the shots were fired President Kennedy, Dallas Tx. Nov. 22, 1963. He was still there when The Three Tramps were marched by hours later, similarly exculpating him for the murder of Dallas Police Officer JD Tippit. Link.
Seven More.

Chris Harper Mercer..
Waco Biker Shooting..
Ronald Lee Haskell..
Elliot Rodger..
Frazier Cross..
Aaron Alexis..
Jared Lee Loughner..
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