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It should surprise nobody when they learn that every government is rampant with all kinds of crime and corruption. It goes with the territory. But the degree, and kinds of corruption currently being exposed each day in the Obama administration, is enough to make John Gotti look like Pat Boone.

Fortunately for the corruptors, President Obama, since coming to office, has not used one ounce of his social and political Chicago experience to rout out crime, collusion and corruption from the White House administration but has, instead, upgraded and enhanced the very political garbage Washington has a reputation for. Obama made “change” his presidential campaign goal….and boy is he giving it to us!

And if you’ve been led to believe that the President has no choice of departments on which to practice his Culture of Corruption, you’ve be led in the wrong direction there too. If you have any doubt about this, consider the following:
An A-to-Z Index of Government Departments and Agencies shows an average of government bureaus and agencies, large and small, totally an average of 530 branches of this government monster. Each, presumably with its own cadre of systems people, bookkeepers, sales reps, top execs, and various hanger-oners.

Among the 25 “A”entries alone---African Development Foundation, Arctic Research Commission, and Administration on Aging---(as innocuous as they sound) expose some possible targets for political shenanigans. Multiply that by some 500 government agencies----many of a more powerful nature: Dept of Health and Human Services, Education Dept, Business Administration, the Dept of Labor, and the IRS, and we’re talking about targets for real lawlessness, if not corruption.

The way Obama is running the show it’s like a comedy of errors to some people. Too many others, thank goodness, it comes off more like a Culture of Corruption. But you say, the president can’t keep track of all the dirty political deals that may be going on in 500 over-peopled government bureaus. That’s true. Not even a super-slick, Nobel Peace Prize recipient could do that.

But we are all forgetting one important thing: whatever goes on at the White House, and particularly in the administration offices, as Truman reminded all presidents: “the buck stops here.” Meaning, if you don’t know what’s going on in your own administration, either the corruption is sailing over your head…or you approve of it.

This is not to say that Obama came to Washington with dishonesty, or even conspiracy on his mind, but as a community organizer in Chicago he came to Washington with two advantages, first, he already had experience as a wheeler-dealer who knew how to get his own way; second, Washington was already festering with fraud, fakery, deceit, collusions and conspiracies. This dishonesty had already become a culture of politics in Washington; all Obama has done so far is to enhance this Culture of Corruption.

You surely are not unaware of President Obama coming under fire for saying or doing nothing when he should have known all along that the IRS was targeting conservative groups. Or how he turned his head when the Benghazi scandal was being investigated; or when the DDS was told to back off when a crime was uncovered.

As you may or may not know, one of Obama’s most formidable tool to enhance his Culture of Corruption is called Executive Orders. These are fiat orders mostly designed to help the President negate, jump over, or supersede any laws or orders from Congress---you know, the voice of the people.

For instance, here are some of Obama’s 900 Executive Orders: for starters. EO 10990 allows the government to take over all modes of transportation on highways or seaways. EO 10997allows the government to take over electrical power, gas, petroleum and minerals. EO 11003 allows to government to take over all airports and aircraft, including commercial aircraft. EO11002 designates the Postmaster General to operate a national registration of all persons. All these EO’s, you understand, is to protect us from terrorism.

They are also creating a suffocating list of government controls covering everything from “Emergency Powers” to martial law. It goes without saying that these dangerous EO’s will be used to force international laws on Americans, replacing bit by bit our U.S. Constitution.

Sorry, folks, we don’t have a President of the United States. What we have instead is a guy at the helm who is an expert at enhancing the Culture of Corruption. The big question is---what are we doing about it---if anything?