Full Version: Here’s What the FBI Was Doing Instead of Catching the Orlando Shooter
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Here’s What the FBI Was Doing Instead of Catching the Orlando Shooter

<p>The case of Rezwan Ferdaus involved a man who suffered from severe depression and seizures and had to wear adult diapers for lack of bladder control. An FBI agent told the target’s own father Ferdaus was “obviously” mentally ill. Yet Ferdaus became a target of these FBI operations: he had plans to carry out an attack on a massive scale on Capitol Hill, which the FBI could then “save” the public from — relishing in all their glory. However, prior to this engagement with the FBI, there was, again, no evidence Ferdaus would have ever engaged in any criminal or terrorist activity. Ferdaus’ attorney argued he had repeatedly tried to back out of this activity. In another case, this time linked to an individual reportedly inspired by the Boston bombing, it was the target’s own father who alerted the authorities of his son’s behavior; his son had created a Facebook page expressing his support for ISIS. He, too, had a long history of mental illness. The FBI evidently saw this as a great opportunity to advance their agenda and provided him with two rifles and a handgun — despite the fact he had previously expressed a desire to fight for ISIS.</p>