Full Version: Calls to ban AR-15s ring out following Orlando shooting
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Calls to ban AR-15s ring out following Orlando shooting

<p>Federal investigators confirmed the guns used in Sunday’s Orlando nightclub shooting included an AR-15, which caused a renewed concern among critics. “(Sunday’s) massacre of innocent civilians in Orlando is more horrific evidence of the unique lethality of the AR-15. It is no wonder that this weapon was chosen by today’s shooter, as it has been by so many before him and as it undoubtedly will be again,” said Josh Koskoff, of Koskoff, Koskoff &amp; Bieder, in a statement sent to His group represents plaintiffs in an ongoing lawsuit against Bushmaster Firearms, maker of the rifle used in 2012’s Sandy Hook massacre. Using similar descriptions to the Sandy Hook case, he described the rifle as designed specifically for the military to “kill mass numbers of people with maximum efficiency and ease” and reiterated his arguments that the gun industry promotes ARs as efficient killing machines to raise the item’s appeal.</p>