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Obama electrified the nation in 2008 when, as a presidential candidate he vowed that, if he were elected he would change America. At that time, President Bush, via a series of bad decisions, lackadaisical performance in office, little attention to economics, and going to war in Iraq—which happened to be the wrong enemy—made the country ripe for a change. The “community organizing” wizard Barrack Obama, a little known politician, but a man with an impressive vocabulary ran for President of the United States and, as we all know, he won.

The tired American population was eager for someone to articulate America’s need for a change of some kind, but no one was wise enough to know exactly what that change should be. So, as a nation, we grabbed at straws, hoped for the best, and in our political and historical ignorance came up with a man who knows less about America than a new born baby.

That should have been foreseen, because America isn’t what needs changing; what needs changing is what America stands for. America will always have mountains, deserts, green lands, cities, rural areas, and lakes; physical America may never change; but the spiritual values, principles, laws, American way of life that Obama seeks to change, is where our problem is, and why our future is in jeopardy, and the foundation of America is in danger.

Let’s consider the nature of America’s spirit and soul, its essence, the undefinable principle that God instilled in our Founders’ conscious, the vision of a nation--unlike any other--- total liberty, free people, self-reliant, self-sufficient, hard-working, God-fearing people, taking only what they worked for, but willing to share what they had with less fortunate neighbors. Above all, these Americans loved their country and its rise up from the restrictions in the Old World, and they abhorred the thought of getting involved in the bitter, and often deadly, entanglements overseas.

Now let’s consider what Obama had in mind to change this unique and fruitful nation, what he intended to change it to, what was to be his blueprint for change,
and most all, why? In this writer’s opinion, Obama’s ultimate motive is to remake America in his image, using the technique of “community divider”, which he used so successfully in sin city: Chicago.
It took time, of course, but recently Obama finally played his key card: he said that “the U.S. Constitution is out of date, so I’m ripping it up and writing a new one.” And good to his word, he signed an Executive Order voiding the Constitution! At which time Congress should have declared Obama a traitor, impeached him, and thrown him out of the White House. Recalcitrant Congress, of course, did the usual thing: nothing.

So Obama went his merry way and began “changing” America. How? He’s rewarding laziness with entitlements. He’s added $7 trillion to America’s debt. He allowed Muslim Brotherhood members to infiltrate the Defense Department. He has appointed “czars” to replace elected officials. His administration is slowly confiscating our guns. He rules by Executive Orders, illegally bypassing Congress. He is turning a blind eye to Sharia Law in some of our courts. He is cozying up to the United Nations, initiator of most foreign wars. He is allowing America to join coalitions of nations to help fight their wars. He is weakening our defense by downsizing our military. He is not bringing our troops home that are have been stationed since WW2 from 130 foreign countries. He is federalizing private corporations to assure government control. Finally, Obama is taking all the steps that gradually changes a constitutional country into a totalitarian madhouse..with a dictator to run it.

Any one man who dares to believe, in his mind, that he is capable of destroying any nation, particularly the United States, for 250 years the bastion of Constitutional liberty, freedom, independence, and God-given rights, and change it into a Marxist-style communistic hell on earth, has to be hopelessly insane .

If from the start, enough patriotic American citizens had seen Barrack Obama for what he really is, we could have stopped this madness from the very beginning,