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I am 90 years old. So, obviously, I am not writing this article for me, or even for you. I am writing it for my family, your family, and the families that come after us.

Remember the Trojan Horse? A huge mythical horse that the invading Greeks used to enter the city of Troy. The horse was filled with soldiers. Once inside Troy, the soldiers crept out of the horse, at night, and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which destroyed Troy, and ended the war.

Thus, the Trojan Horse is about deception, trickery and a very nasty way to conquer a city. A Trojan Horse, however, can also be used effectively to conquer a nation. And just such a horse is now invading America, under the harmless sounding name of the United Nations. And if not stopped, will bring down our great country just as surely as the Greeks destroyed Troy.

How, you ask? America is stronger than Troy, or even Greece, ever was. Militarily, economically, educationally, politically, socially, and so on. Nevertheless, The Trojan Horse, called the United Nations has established itself inside America and is presently engaged in an outrageous assault on our sovereignty, liberty and basic human rights. Sovereignty, at this point, may be preeminent because of the UN’s far-reaching, anti-American and unconstitutional actions and activities.

But you want specifics, not rhetoric; and I salute you for that, because most of the American public seems more and more satisfied with the rhetoric.

So, here are some specifics on how the UN is trying to insert itself into our affairs: The UN hates our Constitution which protects us from tyrants and despots, so it is trying desperately to get us to give up our guns. Or, to get us to sign up to the International Criminal Court so American military members can be tried by our enemies. Or, to hand over our wealth of mineral, fish, and oil in the sea beds around America by signing the unfair Law of the Seas Treaty. Or, to inspect our homes and schools to see if we measure up to UN “standards”. Or, to make it illegal to reprimand our children, even with a light smack. Or, to define how many disabled parking spaces your place of worship must have. Or, to compel you to install an elevator or ramp in your home. In short, the One Worlders in our own government have been on the offensive, using every trick in the book to pursue their oppressive, anti-sovereignty goals.

This Trojan Horse, the United Nations, that is already inside the gates of America, consists of 193 nations from all over the world. Almost all of which are Neanderthal nations compared to United States when it comes to living by the rule of law. So how dare the representatives of these backward and unrefined countries tell Americans how to live, what we can and cannot do, how to raise our offspring, or outlaw our guns, our only means of protection against street criminals, housebreakers, or even a tyrannical government?

In the event that what you believe will not allow you to accept the facts about the United Nations presented here, what I close this article with might cause you to consider a change in your feelings.

Shortly after World War I, an organization was formed which was supposed to bring the world together to end all wars. This organization was The League of Nations. The League’s “Covenant” was embedded in the Versailles Treaty that ended the war, and was insisted upon by President Woodrow Wilson. But when the U.S. Senate tried to put some reservations to the Covenant—to protect U.S. sovereignty and freedom of action-- the president rejected them all. The Senate then rejected the treaty, and the United States never joined the League.

Today, another “try” at the Leagues of Nations-- to take America down-- is, surprise, the United Nations. And if the Senate saw the League bad for us then, how has the United Nations suddenly become “good” for us now? It hasn’t. It’s the same Trojan Horse filled with different, and more deadly, “soldiers”.

In “The Trojan Horse of Global Tyranny”, Patrick J. Buchanan wrote: “The notion of a world government to defend our rights would have our founding fathers running for their muskets.”