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It’s a double whammy of monumental proportions. The nightmares that knowledgeable pundits are warning us about are there for eyes to see, if we have sense enough to look.

Yes, the neo-conservatives urged us into a war with Iraq. Yes, the Federal Reserve is a monstrous fraud. Yes, The international banking cabal is a ruthless scam. Yes, certain secret societies and think tanks are dedicated to our demise. And yes, most politicians in our government refuse to acknowledge the attacks on our sovereignty.

But these dangers to America fail to reach the horrendous level of our two worst nightmares: Immigration and Demographics. Immigration: something that we discuss but do very little about, and Demographics: something that is essentially beyond our control.

Although the death of America will be the result of immigration and demographics, and though they are our nation’s most dangerous enemies, they are, in a sense, inconsequential, that is, they don’t wear the face of evil. That’s why they are such a threat to America-- but a threat so subtle it will kill us before we realize it has us by the throat.


According to research, a culture, to maintain itself for 25 years, must have a fertility rate of 2.1 children. Anything less, the culture will decline. No culture has ever reversed a 1.9 fertility rate; and a rate of 1.3 would take 80 to 100 years to correct itself. As fertility rates shrink, so does the culture.

In 2007, the fertility rate in France was 1.8; in Greece 1.3; in Germany 1.3; in Italy 1.2; and in Spain 1.1. Across Europe’s 31 countries the fertility rate is a mere 1.3. Historical research tells us that these numbers are impossible to reverse. Result? In a matter of years, the Europe we know today will cease to exist.

Yet, paradoxically, the population of Europe is not declining. Why? Because of immigration-- Islamic immigration to be exact. Of all population growth in Europe since 1990, 90-percent has been Islamic immigration.

Muammar al Gaddafi of Libya once said, “There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe, without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists; we don’t need homicide bombers. With 50 million-plus Muslims in Europe it will be a Muslim continent within a few decades.”

Closer to home, Canada’s fertility rate is 1.6, nearly a full point below what is required to sustain a culture. Islam is now the fastest growing religion. Between 2001 and 2006, Canada’s population increased by l.6 million. 1.2 of that was immigration.

In the United States, the current fertility rate of American citizens is 1.6. With the influx of the Latino nations the rate increases to 2.11 a bare minimum to sustain a culture. But what kind of culture? Certainly not the American culture.
No doubt about it, our world is changing.. In 1970 there were 100,000 Muslims in America. Today there are over 9-million. The Catholic church recently reported that Islam has just surpassed their membership in numbers. And some studies show that at Islam’s current rate of growth, in five to seven years Islam will be the dominant religion in the world.

Recently, a meeting of 24 Islamic nations held a meeting in Chicago. You probably never heard about it. The transcripts of that meeting show in detail their plans to evangelize America, from journalism, politics, education and more. We must prepare ourselves for the reality that in thirty years there will be 15-million Muslims living in America. The world we live in is not the world in which our children and grandchildren will live.

It is imperative that we wake up from these nightmares before it is too late.

NOTE: The facts, figures, and a bit of the copy herein is from a highly reliable news source. The article is written this way to assure the reader that this information does not come as an opinion or guesswork on the part of the writer, but rather is a warning from an independent news network that knows much more about the dangers to America than this writer does.