Full Version: Boats on Mars
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[Image: 1d5e5395d87b.jpg]

Quote:As well as a boat this image by the Curiosity Mars Rover, Sol 995 May 25, 2015 has a mysterious leaning tower upper right center!

[Image: 01a2dbb92c31.jpg]

Quote:There are boats in this Spirit Rover frame taken in 2009.

[Image: 61e8b4215798.jpg]

Quote:This craft photographed by the Curiosity Rover on Sol 782 Oct. 18, 2014, looks like a cable ferry.

[Image: f953c059f69f.jpg]

Quote:Opportunity Sol 2667, July 26, 2011.

[Image: a3aefc53e77f.jpg]

Quote:Looks Like Another Boat Curiosity Sol 1250, taken Feb. 11, 2016.

[Image: 3e1870d91f83.jpg]

Quote:A couple more water craft on Curiosity Sol 1255.
[Image: c96be75c951e.jpg]
The African Queen.

[Image: ad8fd53e2782.jpg]
Another look at "The Queen" from a different angle.

[Image: d3a69deebe84.jpg]
Two more from Curiosity Sol 1274.
[Image: 09aecd2c5b6e.jpg]

Quote:Another Martian Boat - Curiosity Sol 1276, March 9, 2016.
[Image: 120dc776035a.jpg]

Quote:As well as the aforementioned light rail tracks left screen, there are boats in this Curiosity Rover frame returned March 19, 2016.
[Image: 692cb69c2380.jpg]

Quote:The slanting deck identifies another Martian boat at Opportunity 1288, returned March 21, 2016.
[Image: a934183c19e0.jpg]

Quote:Boat  Curiosity Sol 1306 returned April 8, 2016.
[Image: 63k5.jpg]

Quote:Boat - Curiosity Mars Rover Sol 1284, March 17, 2016.
[Image: 63kc.jpg]

Quote:Looks like another boat in this Curiosity Rover MastCam image returned Sol 1907, Dec. 17, 2017.
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