Full Version: Donald J. Trump First Candidate to Reply to the ‘Sessions Test’
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Donald J. Trump First Candidate to Reply to the ‘Sessions Test’

On February 5th, Breitbart News exclusively reported that Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) issued a list of five questions that all candidates must answer if they wish to seek the Republican nomination. In recent years, Sessions has emerged as the intellectual thought leader of the nation-state conservative movement. Sessions has articulated how mass immigration combined with reckless trade deals is compressing wages and decimating America’s middle class.Sessions’ questionnaire consisted of five straightforward questions addressing immigration, trade, and crime in the United States.The first candidate to reply to Sessions’ questionnaire was GOP frontrunner Donald J. Trump. In his response, Trump declares, “After my inauguration, for the first time in decades, Americans will wake up in a country where their immigration laws are enforced.”Trump’s full, unedited answers to the Sessions’ test are below:Read the entire article