Full Version: The Iowa Caucus: a Ron Paul Win or a GOP Heist?
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The Iowa Caucus: a Ron Paul Win or a GOP Heist?

<span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;">A caucus selection process is a much fairer method than party controlled primaries. That is why the GOP establishment fears the voice of the public. A caucus that could actually influence or determine a nomination must be stopped. Party operated election commissions are a central cause for illegitimate elections. If your anointed candidate wins, the process reflects the will of the people, but if a true reformer wins, like Ron Paul; the caucus does not really matter. Just how stupid are these Republican stooges?&nbsp;</span><br /><span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;"><br /></span><a href=""><span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;">Read the entire essay from the Radical Reactionary archives</span></a>