Full Version: A Senate of Subversion
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A Senate of Subversion

<span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;">The "World's greatest deliberative body" - the U.S. Senate - claims to be the mainstay of individual liberty, minority rights and legislative temperance. &nbsp;In many circles, the exulted accolades that are bestowed upon this body of lawmaking elders approach reverence. &nbsp;While some of the most heralded figures in American politics have served in this august body, the chronicle of the last half-century is a very mixed record of accomplishments. &nbsp;Most observers view the Senate as the senior chamber in Congress while calling the House the people's body. &nbsp;Examine the cast of characters that now hold office and ask, are they really defenders of national virtue or are they conspiratorial collaborators in the systematic destruction of a free and independent nation?&nbsp;</span><br /><span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;"><br /></span><span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, sans-serif;"><a href="">Read the entire essay from the Inherent Autonomy archives</a></span>