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  1. Opioids are Mind Control Drugs: MKULTRA is Alive and Well (0 Replies)
  2. Police are Using DNA Mugshots to Arrest Innocent People (0 Replies)
  3. Ominous Video Shows Swarm of A.I. Drones Carry Out Mass Murder Without Human Orders (0 Replies)
  4. Journalist Alexei Wood Faces Decades In Prison For Covering DisruptJ20 Protests (0 Replies)
  5. Interview With Liberty Hip Hop Group The Freenauts (0 Replies)
  6. The Phallus In The Sky, Courtesy Of A U.S. Navy Growler Pilot (0 Replies)
  7. Vin Armani Talks Bitcoin Cash & Welcomes Professor Dr. Stephen Hicks (0 Replies)
  8. New EDF/CUB Smart Meter Data Report Shows Potential for Abuses of Power and Collusion (0 Replies)
  9. Media Silent as Fed Committee Quietly Passes Act Allowing Warrantless Searches (0 Replies)
  10. Jack Ruby, Joseph Milteer and Others Predicted JFK’s Assassination (0 Replies)
  11. Jack Ruby, Joseph Milteer and Others Predicted JFK’s Assassination (0 Replies)
  12. Gene Editing vs. Alternative Technology (0 Replies)
  13. Poppy Output Hits Record High as US Troop Surge in Afghanistan Completed (0 Replies)
  14. The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis (0 Replies)
  15. The Demise of Dissent: Why the Web Is Becoming Homogenized (0 Replies)
  16. US Cuts Funds for Disarming Explosives It Dropped on Cambodia (0 Replies)
  17. New Artificial Intelligence Designed to Be Mentally Unstable: What Could Go Wrong? (0 Replies)
  18. Is This Why Productivity Has Tanked and Wealth Inequality Has Soared? (0 Replies)
  19. 10 Compelling Reasons Why the Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared from Headlines (0 Replies)
  20. Retired FBI Agent Accuses 9/11 Commission of Lying About Saudi Connections (0 Replies)